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Open To Your Own Inner Wisdom

You are Wise. You have an inner source of wisdom that far exceeds
what you think of as your limits.

As you work with your Journal, you will learn to tap this inner wisdom, and you will learn methods of growing that you have always thought possible ... but always seemed just out of reach.

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This site is an on-line workshop on Journal writing. You are invited to follow the program by steps in order to allow the teaching to unfold naturally. To do this, select the right arrow button you will find at the bottom of each page to go on, the left to go back through the program.





Of course, you also can follow your own path through these pages by selecting any of the available buttons and links. However, there are certain areas where you are strongly advised to follow pages in order. These pages build upon one another, such as the series of exercises presented in the Inner Talk section and other places.

Regardless of how you encounter this program, please do not simply rush through these pages. Take time to consider the lessons presented and experience the exercises thoroughly, building upon your increasing knowledge and skill in using your Journal work to gain insights into yourself and your life.

Personal note about communication: It has finally happened that I am getting so much spam that the wonderful messages sent from real people have been overwhelmed. As a result, I'm eliminating my old email address. I'd love to hear from you but the only way via email is to click on this email link. I wish it were not so.

Now, find your Journal and your Pen....

Let us begin.....

PictureGerry Starnes has more than thirty years’ experience in Journal writing. He holds a Masters Degree in Education, Psychology and Special Education. He is the executive director of Ravens Grove Foundation for Healing.

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